This page is currently being updated!
The info below is a bit old. Like 2011 old. Fail. 

Hello, I'm Julia! I'm an Art Director at an advertising agency near Detroit, Michigan and I absolutely love it! I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Being a designer, I'm always aware of all things visual. This leads me on searches to find just the right pieces of clothing that will pull an outfit together perfectly. Generally, my style gravitates towards vintage-inspired pieces mixed with current styling.  You can usually find me either editing photographs, designing something, reading a book, doing yoga, or spending quality time with some of my favorite people.

Most of the photography on Cup of Tea is done with a Nikon D60 camera and most editing is done in Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop.  I designed the blog appearance which was inspired by many of my favorite style blogs.

Cup of Tea was established in June of 2011 with one of my best friends Samantha. The concept of the blog has changed throughout the past months. It was originally used as a way to connect the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania through of our love for fashion.  Presently, Cup of Tea is a fashion and lifestyle blog authored by me, Julia!

Oh yes, and one of my favorite things in the world is a delicious cup of hot tea :)